Option 1: English 104/105 “Stretch”

English 104/105 is SFSU’s year-long version of First-Year Composition. We call it the “stretch” program because we stretch course expectations and learning goals over a full year rather than a single semester. Students who complete the stretch course earn 6 units of credit (3 units each semester), all of which count toward the 120 units needed to graduate. Once students successfully complete English 104/105, they have met the University’s First-Year Composition requirement.

Students who choose this year-long “stretch” option enroll in English 104 in fall and English 105 in spring during their first year at SFSU. Since English 104/105 is a year-long course, students will have the same instructor and group of classmates in the spring semester as they had in the fall semester. The class will also meet at the same day and time during both semesters. This will help when it comes time to plan the rest of their class schedule.

Note, freshman admitted in spring that select this option will be required to take a combined section of 104/105.

Why Choose Stretch?

There are at least three benefits to taking Stretch English 104/105 compared to English 114:


  1. The stretch program allows more time (a full academic year) to meet the learning goals of the course. Because of this extra time, there are more opportunities to practice, to receive and offer feedback, to revise and re-read, before turning in assignments.
  2. Stretch English 104/105 has a smaller class size (enrollment is limited to 18 students per class compared to 20 for English 114). This allows students to receive more personal attention, guidance and assistance from their instructor and from their classmates.
  3. Students choosing the stretch option earn 6 credits toward the 120 needed for graduation.


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