Option 2: Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS)

The Composition for Multilingual Students program (CMS) is designed for students who are non-native speakers of English. Our CMS program is designed specifically to meet the learning needs of multilingual students, including speech and grammar instruction that is not available in either our stretch course, English 104/105 or in English 114.

Students who choose the CMS option will be enrolled in the appropriate Level 1 CMS courses at their new student orientation session. For more information about CMS courses, please go to http://cmls.sfsu.edu/course-descriptions or email the CMS Coordinator, Lisa Heyer at lheyer@sfsu.edu


Why Choose CMS?

Even if you did not take “ESL” classes in high school and you speak English fluently, if English is not your first or primary language, our CMS program may be the most appropriate choice for you for at least 3 reasons:


  1. Multilingual students are generally more successful in their English and other classes if they take their English and Oral Communications courses in the CMS Program.
  2. CMS includes courses in writing, grammar, and oral communications.
  3. CMS Program courses meet the written English requirements for graduation and completing your writing requirements in the CMS program will not delay your graduation since all the credits earned in CMS courses count toward the 120 units needed for graduation.


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