Option 3: Accelerated English 114

English 114 is a 3-credit, single semester accelerated version of FYC. Once students successfully complete ENG 114, they have completed SFSU’s First-Year Written Composition requirement and have earned 3 credits toward the 120 needed for graduation. Because students complete English 114 in a single semester, the pace is quicker than in the English 104/105 stretch course. The class size in English 114 is also slightly larger (20 students compared to 18 in the stretch course).

Why Choose Accelerated English 114?

There are at least three benefits to choosing Accelerated English 114 compared to Stretch English 104/105:

  1. English 114 is a good choice if you feel confident about your reading and writing ability and don’t feel the extra time offered by the year-long stretch course is necessary or beneficial.
  2. In our experience teaching these courses, we find that some students actually need a faster pace to feel challenged and motivated. Even so, if you find you need some additional help, you still have access to the same wide variety of tutoring and other support services as students who enroll in the stretch course.
  3. Students earn 3 credits toward the 120 needed for graduation and can advance to the next level composition course (English 214) the following semester, thereby completing both the First and Second Year composition requirements in a single year.


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