Step 1: Look carefully at the DSP Comparison Chart below, and consider which option best matches your reading and writing abilities

Step 2: Review the descriptions of the three options to confirm your ideas about which class will provide the instruction that best fits your current abilities    

Step 3: Go to the DSP online application at



DSP Comparison Chart (Click HERE for PDF)
Option 1: The Stretch Program (104/105) Option 2: The Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS) Program Option 3: The Accelerated Program (114)
I think of myself as an average reader and writer
I spoke another language besides English when growing up OR a language other than English is used in my home. I am fluent in spoken English, but it takes me a long time to read and write in English
I think of myself as a strong reader and writer


  • I’m unsure what to do when confronted with difficult texts and unclear about whether or how to take notes.
  • When I finish reading, sometimes I am not sure what the point was of the reading, and it is difficult for me to explain how the reading relates to experiences I have had or to other things I’ve read.
  • I need to learn about how ideas are related and organized in the readings I do.
  • I mainly read in English for school.
  • I often miss the main point or only partially understand my reading assignments because I am unfamililar with important background knowledge.
  • In order to understand what I am reading, I often have to stop and translate words ans sentences into my native language.
  • I read actively, taking effective notes as I read and am comfortable when confronted with difficult texts.
  • When I read, I make connections to other things I have read or experienced as a means of understanding a reading.
  • I feel comfortable identifying the structure and organization of the things I read.


  • I have trouble coming up with good ideas for my essays.
  • I am unsure of myself when I plan my writing and could use some tips on planning strategies.
  • I could use some brushing up on grammar and punctuation.
  • I have trouble expressing my ideas in English for school assignments.
  • When I write in English, I often don't know how to choose correct grammar or vocabulary to make my meaning clear.
  • I need help finding and correcting my grammar my grammar and proofreading errors.
  • I do well finding ideas to write about and I can relate my ideas to the ideas of others.
  • I have several strategies for brainstorming ideas, outlining and organizing my writing.
  • I am confident using the conventions of grammar, punctuation and spelling.


I would prefer to get more practice and help from my instructor as I learn to read and write for college. I would prefer to get more practice and help from my instructor as I learn to read and write for college. I would like to complete my first-year composition requirement by taking an appropriate year-long series of courses in the Composition for Multilingual Students program. I am ready to work at a quick pace, with the instructor as my guide.

The Stretch Program


The Accelerated Program


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