Now that you've read through the material on the Before DSP page, you are ready to start the DSP application. The application will take you through 5 steps:


Step 1: Annotate a reading

You'll read some tips about how to use annotation to help you understand a short reading.


Step 2: Plan Your Essay in Response to Reading. 

You'll read some tips about how to read an essay assignment and plan an essay based on the reading you annotated in Step 1.


Step 3: Response to a Reading. 

You will write and upload the essay you planned in Step 2.


Step 4: Self-Placement Inventory. 

You will complete a short survey asking you questions about the reading and writing you completed in Steps 1-3.


Step 5: Self-Placement Decision.

After you submit your inventory, you will make a decision about what First-Year Composition option is best for you. You will then print out the final page and bring it with you to New Student Orientation where you will register for your chosen class. 


You are now ready to start the DSP application by clicking here.


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