About the English Tutoring Center

The English Tutoring Center (ETC) is a peer-to-peer co-laboratory that provides academic support to undergraduate students enrolled in English composition, reading, and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, and invaluable teaching experience for our writing coaches, who are typically graduate students in our Masters programs.

The ETC offers two types of Writing Support services:

  1. Weekly, one-on-one writing coaching, or
  2. Single-session Writing Support

Weekly, one-on-one writing support:

If you are interested in meeting for an hour each week with the same tutor, this is the program for you. By working one-on-one with your tutor, you can learn and practice the writing, reading and proofreading strategies necessary for critical, college-level writing. If you choose this tutoring program, you will be enrolled in one unit of tutoring credit (English 112: Reading and Writing Techniques). This is not another class, but rather one unit of credit for meeting with your tutors weekly for one semester.

Single-Session coaching:

If you don't think you need to meet with a Writing Coach for an hour each week, you may choose to take advantage of our single-session program. We offer several hours of single-session appointments each week. During these appointments, which are 30 minutes long, you can meet with a Writing Coach to discuss your English assignment. Please do not expect our Writing Coaches to proofread and correct your papers for you. Instead, you should come in with specific questions in mind. Half an hour goes by fast!

Fall 2017 Single-Session Tutoring Schedule

Monday 12:00-2:00

Wednesday 1:30-2:00

Friday 12:00-1:00

ETC student march

For information regarding drop-in tutoring centers on campus, please refer to the Learning Assistance Center or the Campus Academic Resource Program.

To be eligible for Writing Support at the ETC, you must be enrolled in an English composition, reading or CMS course (see ETC Services).

If you want to serve as a Writing Coach, please refer to ETC Services.