Early Start English

Here's what you can expect in your ESE course:

ESE 99 is a one-unit, fully online course (limited in-person sessions are offered at SF State’s main campus) designed to provide you with a guided experience in the kinds of academic reading and writing you can expect to encounter in your first-year English composition courses at the university. The course meets for 4 sessions, Monday-Thursday, over a one-week period during summer session. The work for each daily session should take you 3 hours and 10 minutes to complete. You can complete the work anytime at your convenience between 8am and 8pm. In this course, you will:

·       write a description of your past experiences with reading and writing;

·       research and summarize the first-year English composition program at SFSU;

·       practice some useful reading and writing strategies;

·       write an essay in response to a short reading we have selected for you;

·       decide which SFSU first-year composition course is the best one for you.

Because we believe you are the best person to be making important decisions about your college experience, towards the end of the course, you will be asked to evaluate yourself as a reader/writer and to decide what reading/writing course you will take in your first semester at SFSU by completing DSP. Since our goal is to help you arrive at a critical assessment of what first-year composition option is most appropriate for your learning needs, your ESE 99 instructor will not be evaluating your written work. Rather, he or she will offer you help in arriving at your own evaluation of your work. Your instructor will be your guide through this process and is here to answer any questions you might have.