English Tutoring Center Staff

James Warren Boyd

English Tutoring Center Coordinator

James trains tutors, develops curriculum, and oversees administrative matters at the English Tutoring Center. A lecturer of English Composition at SFSU, he received his BA in History from UCLA,and his MA in English:Concentration in Literature as well as both the Post-Secondary Reading and College Composition graduate certificates from SFSU. In Spring of 2011, he received a second MA in SFSU's Communication Studies Department for whom he teaches Communication Studies 150.

Tyler Heid

English Tutoring Center Staff Manager

Tyler handles the day-to-day operations of the ETC. He earned B.A.s in English and Psychology from U.C. Davis, after which he planned to chase winter around the world teaching skiing. When that plan was cut short by an injury he spent several years abroad teaching English instead. He returned to do his Master’s in English Literature at SFSU and is currently serving as a lecturer in Composition.