How to Get Tutoring and How to Volunteer as a Tutor at the ETC


Spring 2017 Single-Session Tutoring:

Single-Session Tutoring for the Spring 2017 semester is now available. 

Single-Session Tutoring Schedule:

Tuesday: 10:00 - 11:30

Wednesday: 1:00 -3:00

Thursday: 11:00 - 12:00

For information regarding other drop-in tutoring centers on campus, please refer to the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) or the Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP).

Who is eligible for tutoring at the ETC?

To be eligible for tutoring services at the ETC, you must be enrolled in one of the following English courses:

Composition Courses:

  • ENG 104: First Year Composition I
  • ENG 105: First Year Composition II
  • ENG 114: First Year Composition
  • ENG 214 Second Year Composition
  • ENG 414: Elements of Writing

How can I sign up for weekly, one-on-one tutoring at the ETC?

During the first two weeks of every semester, English instructors refer students who they believe would benefit from tutoring at the ETC. If your instructor has not referred you, but you would like to receive tutoring, you may request an ETC tutor by doing the following:

  1. Speak with your English instructor and request a referral to the ETC. Your instructor will give you a Referral Card to bring to the ETC.
  2. Stop by the ETC during office hours to pick up a Tutoring Referral Packet.
  3. Bring the completed Tutoring Referral Card (from your teacher), Referral Packet, and a brief sample of your writing to the ETC at the beginning of the semester.
  4. Check in the following week (in person or by calling 415-338-1821) to find out if we have matched you with a tutor or not.
  5. If we have matched you with a tutor, we will enroll you in English 112, Reading and Writing Techniques, a one-unit course for which you will receive credit/no credit (CR/NC). Please see Tutee Resources for more information on receiving credit for English 112. We will notify you of your tutor's name, your weekly meeting time, and the date of your first meeting.
  6. If we were unable to match you with a tutor, we will refer you to one of the other tutoring services on campus (LAC or CARP).

To Volunteer as a Tutor

Our volunteer tutors are graduate students and upper-division undergraduate students (at the Senior and Junior levels) from various disciplines such as English Composition, English Literature, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Linguistics, Comparative Literature, or Creative Writing. We encourage students who are interested in teaching, and who would like to gain tutoring experience, to volunteer. Though we require proficiency in spoken English, previous tutoring experience is not necessary.

To become a tutor:

  1. Obtain a tutor card either from your instructor or the ETC.
  2. Fill out the tutor card completely. Be sure to include specific times you are available to tutor. Make sure the hour availability on your card is accurate and gives us as many placement options (hours) as possible. Please turn in your tutoring card to the ETC as soon as possible (no later than the third week in the semester).
  3. To receive credit, enroll in ENG 699 (if undergraduate) or ENG 899(if graduate). To add this course you must have above a 3.25 GPA and you must fill out a Petition for Independent Study, which you can obtain at the ETC , HUM 480. You can earn one unit for tutoring two students, two units for tutoring four students and three units for tutoring five students.Please contact the ETC for more information. Please note that you must be a matriculated SF State student to earn ENG 699 or ENG 899 credit.
  4. The ETC will offer two training sessions back-to-back at the beginning of the semester: the first, an orientation on the administrative aspects of tutoring; the second, an introductory workshop about tutoring methods and issues. All new tutors are required to attend the first orientation, during which you will receive your tutoring assignment.