Welcome to the English Tutoring Center

Tutoring is up and running for the Spring Semester!

If you are interested in receiving tutoring at the ETC this spring, contact our staff via phone, email, or in person during our office hours.

Important Information for Entering Freshman About Early Start English and Directed Self Placement!!!


The ETC is now located in HUM 480!

The English Tutoring Center (ETC) provides academic support to undergraduate students enrolled in English composition, reading, and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Working one-on-one with tutors, students learn and practice the writing, reading and proofreading strategies necessary for critical, college-level writing. By enrolling in English 112, Reading and Writing Techniques, students receive one unit of credit for meeting with their tutors weekly for one semester.

To be eligible for tutoring services at the ETC, you must be enrolled in an English composition, reading or ESL course (see Tutoring Services). Please check the Single-Session Tutoring schedule for current availability. For information regarding other drop-in tutoring centers on campus, please refer to the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) or the Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP). If you want to volunteer as a TUTOR, please refer to Tutoring Services.

Important Upcoming Dates

ETC Office Hours & Single-Session Schedule

Current Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10am - 4pm / Friday, 10am - 2pm

Single-Session Tutoring Schedule:

Tuesday: 10:00 - 11:30

Wednesday: 1:00 -3:00

Thursday: 11:00 - 12:00


The ETC's computer lab in HUM 294 is now closed. Another department will be moving into the old ETC space (HUM 290), including the lab space (HUM 294).

Referring students for tutoring at the ETC

  • Referrals for one-on-one tutoring are due the Thursday of the second week of classes.
  • Referral cards are available in the ETC (HUM 480)
  • Students must have a referral card filled out by their English composition instructor to apply for tutoring.